the delight of things like opening an umbrella

"The man who tries to escape from something, he gazed behind over his shoulder and he was frightened. He gazed at the night sky with his eyes and prayed to the Myriad stars... he doesn't even know that starlight is a ray of sorrow from stars that died in ancient times (hundred millions of years is the time it took it to get here at last, hundred millions of years).

The average man who lives a humdrum life. Everyone has a stuggle for equiality, it's the same old story.
They have observed and lived together with many sleeping ground fish..."

last night I dreamt of this.
I had to portrait it, it was making me extremely disquiet so,
I needed to vomit "it".                                                                                                       

...but most of them are like shit!

"I shall never understand humans. 
They are hilarious in their own unique way.
Let's start with the fact they don't comprehend their nature and therefore, themselves.
Someone once told me about this "feeling" they call love, sincerely it's one of the most pitiful things I've heard of!
He spoke to me about this "eternal" devotion thing between two of them. And as he kept bragging about it for a long period of time I couldn't control the urge to ask "what for?" and he quickly answered "true happiness". I laughed loudy. Do they really need of someone else to feel complete? what a poor manner of life! and they even have the courage to call themselves "superior among all kinds of life" ...pathetic.
They just needed a poor excuse for reproduction, they seem to be recognizable among others species for that, the disability of dealing with reality.

Humans. I will never, ever understand them. And I'm very grateful for that."


I wrote it while impersonating one of my alter egos, or something like that, perhaps. It's not considerately far from the epicenter of my consciousness.


I prefer insects over people because when they start to "bug" you (which they really don’t do that often... they mostly get in your way according to that megalomaniac mind of yours and that isn't much of a big deal you sucker) , you can simply step on them or something, and you are inmediately exonerated, wait, it is not even considered a major moral way of murder, so basically no fault runs thru your veins.
You can’t step in a person when they annoy you, and if you did, other bigger persons would step on you.

I don’t like to kill what I'm able to, naturally that's my last resort.
I’d like to step on people more often, though, since they are
consciously harmful.

I met the guy today.
he was stuck on my carpet's fiber so I helped him out


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